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What if Online Gambling becomes Illegal?

What if online gambling addiction becomes too overwhelming? What if online gambling was banned completely? That’s the question that I get asked quite often. The simple answer is that it would be illegal to do any kind of gambling online. Not just online gambling; but poker rooms; blackjack rooms; bingo; etc. So as long as there are people willing to play; there will always be a gambling business. And we need to distinguish between legal online gambling and illegal online gambling.


Online Gambling

Prepare your credit cards before playing Online Gambling.

Legal online video poker rooms would simply require a user to create an account and then deposit funds into their video poker account. As long as that person is keeping his or her end of the deal by actually playing the game; there would not be any trouble with this. If an individual were to deposit funds into an illegal online casino account and tried to gamble; it would be a whole other story. This is where the problem would arise.

One possible scenario that could happen is that an entrepreneur started up a new online gambling service. They advertise their service on the Internet and then take their service from anyone who wants to promote it online. They claim to have a nice game room; and the next thing you know they are taking your money in exchange for hosting sites; and products that you don’t even own! Of course this is not something that most online businesses would want to experience; and so it is quite possible that the government could step in and try to shut them down.

Now; what if the laws required all online gambling sites to go online and open their own branches all over the country? Let’s say that every time a customer wanted to play at one of these online casinos; they had to go through a queue like everyone else in the building. If the online gambling business was extremely popular; then it would require hundreds; or thousands of employees. Not only that; but it would be impossible for the small online business owners to keep their costs as low as possible. They’d have to raise their prices; or offer discounts to clients in order to stay in business.


Online Betting

People enjoy making money from online betting.

In addition to all these problems; there is also the issue of user safety. Most online casinos out there today to make sure that their customers are protected against hackers and other internet criminals. However; many of them also don’t have adequate firewalls in place to protect their customers from other threats; such as scammers and identity thieves. All this raises a fundamental question: can online gambling be regulated?

The short answer is no; because the laws that currently exist don’t allow for such regulation. However; some parts of the world do have age restrictions; and other places have banned online gambling completely. What if online gambling was banned completely? Well; you might be surprised to learn that there are some places where online gambling is legal; while in other places it is illegal. Check out our site for a complete list of the world’s legal locations and ban locations!